Bihar Acupressure Yoga College

Bihar Acupressure Yoga College Patna take ride in announcing the courses of Acupressure Yoga / Alternative medicine of high standard teaching only of its kind in india under the affiliation status of the Indian Council of Acupressure Yoga. ( Acupressure Parishad) International Board of Alternative Medicines, Affiliated to open International University (Colombo) Sponsored by Baudh Samaj, Ploypathy Society, charter of Budh Acupressure Yoga & Naturopathy,Vidyapith. The working area is whole India in the field of development of Acupressure Yoga. Magnet Therapy and Alternative medical systems. We are truly devoted to promote the Acupressure , Yoga, Magneto therapy and other Alternative medicines. It has been established to popularize the Alternative medical sciences and to prepare the students. It provides regular scientific training both theoretical and practical to serve the humanity through these system to treatment. 


Now a day Acupressure / Alternative medical system are subjects of the world wide interest due to its achievement as prevention and in treating acute ailments as well as the chronic. 


All the courses are completed by regular or correspondence pattern ( Under distance education programme.)


Language of the courses are Hindi-English mixed.Any person who is interested to learn these medical system as WHO ( World Health Organisation, Genewa) has recommended more than 150 the alternative Medical System in which Acupressure, Acupuncture, Biochemic, Naturopathy, Magnetotherapy, Reiki therapy, Yoga, Gemtherapy, Hypnotherapy, Herbotherapy, Immuno (Harmless), Homeopathy, Immuno (Harmless) Ayurved and etc. are important.


Acupressure is highly appreciated by all classes of the people because it is widely applicable, simple, safe, economical treatment and gives quick relief. This treatment can be given to all the persons at any stage of diseases in any age group of either sex. There is no any complication or side effect during or after the treatment.



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