Swasthya Jagrukta Mission

SWASTHYA JAGRUKTA MISSION is a human resource development organisation established for promotion and co-operation of health awareness programme,the motto of WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION (WHO) regd by govt of Bihar under S.R act of the govt. of India For the development of human being,several programs,mission,etc. are being run at the level of government as well as non-government organisations.SWASTHYA JAGRUKTA MISSION is one of the important programs.


SWASTHYA JAGRUKTA MISSION is running several programs in the fields of health,environment,computer,etc. For the sake of human being,SWASTHYA JAGRUKTA MISSION organizes several free medical check-up camps,even at the block-level of the country.In these free medical check-ups,famous doctors are involved,and they use different effective(fields of medicine-systems)systems of medicine.The MISSION organizes these programs with the help of government and non-government organisations,personal and social volunteers.The MISSION organizes many health related education and training programs.These social programs are being organized at block,district,state and national levels either by organizing camps or by establishing centers of such area.The mission is working for the development of many traditional but famous system of medicines.The mission organizes many medical training camps to make these systems of medicine popular at the mass level.These systems of medicine approachtreatment from a holistic perspective and address the patients in his environment,according to his age,sex,race,habits,mental frame,diet,appetite,physical condition,physiological constitution,etc.Therefore,treatment regimeny in these systems of medicines are eustomized to suit each and every patients.These aspects are being taught at the different training programs or camps by the MISSION.It teaches--one should be more concerned with the actual treatment of the patient from a holistic approach rather to treat the mere disease.


The MISSION family is fully dedicated to the humanitarian goals of medicine and fully aware of the World Health Organisation's slogan HEALTH FOR ALL .In this preview,the MISSION organizes many associations.


The different associations run by the MISSION are--

1.Indian Medical Association of Acupressure 
2.Ayush Mahasabha


Despite running these associations,the MISSION also publishes a magazine"Mission Swasthya".Alongwith to empart computer education,the MISSION has organized the "Bihar Computer Education Council".


Aims and Objective


1. These aims are no profit no loss.
2. To establish or expand research,training and consulting centre and to arrange for higher study in swasthya paryavaran avam shiskha jagarukta and its branches for the development and to regulate their teaching and practice alover india.
3. To publish health magazines periodicals,books,souvenirs.
4. To co-ordinate with other same type of societies and arrange seminars,meetings,congress,work-shop,exhibition for the development of society.
5. To provide information and run courses and spread awareness of health,education,environment and computer education in villages and towns.
6. To provide rehabilitation to handicapped and to do all acts for child care.
7. To open branches of the society and regulate for working.
8. Also to do all acts for the fulfilment of the aims and objects for this purpose,recognisation,approval,grant-in-aid,donation from society,public and government.


SJM Member List


1. Natho Kumar
2. Anita Sinha
3. Zafir Ahnad
4. Amit Kumar suman
5. Harkish Shulla
6. Shailendra Kumar
7. Dineshwar Kumar
8. Vishwajit Dayal Kumar


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