Acupressure, which is known by names like Reflexology,Zone Therapy ,Meridinology ,Pointed pressure Therapy,Su-Zoke, Contact therapy, Concentrated Massage, Acupuncture without niddles is probably oldest system of natural  treatment in the world based on scientific technique.It is a therapentic method in medical science.The whole body is endowed with a number of spots-the Acupunture or Acupressure points.These points when stimulated by needles, or finhers,gimi,magnets, or by warming,bring about the cure.This warming technique is called Moxilonstion.

How,when and where this system originate lacks but on the basis of certain ancient documents, it is assumed that acupuncture and acupressure ,which work on a similar theory,were first conceived by Indian thinker like Bhagawan Dhanawantari and his disciples Maharshies Sushrit,Charak,etc in primitive times.

A branch of medicine founded upon the principle that health is dependent upon a proper balance of vital energy force within the body and treatment for the purpose of therapy,prophylaxy with a view to bring about a balance of such energy forces.The fundamental concept of energy flow is accepted in all branches of natural healing.Acu-points or trigger points which when pressed with thumblo fingers or with some other devices, activate the life process in the body and creat a balance of energy where there was previously an imbalance.

Every system in body has its own importance but blood circulation and nervous system are two most powerful streams which exercise overall control on the working of the human body.A perfact circulation is a vital force which carries necessary  nutrients to all tissues.Acupressure helps a lot   to improve  and strengthen the circulatory system leading to better functioning of all organs.The modern medical science accepts that about 75% of all ailments take place due to “nerve tension” in different  areas of the body.Fear,stress,sadness,anger,anxiety and worry all lead to tension,sickness and ageing.Acupressure helps in releasing tension and immaintaining good health.

All branches of medical treatment agree that human body possesses imm ense natural strength to cure itself of any diseases.It is now an established fact that acupressure is one of those remarkable few natural systems which revives and revitalises the hidden strength in the body to cure all ailnients.

Acupressure is a marvellous system.It is highly effective means relief/cure,completely safe and absolutely scientific.Acupressure treatment can be given to people of any sex and age,men,women,babies,children,young and old,anywhere  and any time.there is nothing to lose but much to gain from this therapy.

Acupressure is not only safe ,but it also saves lifes.It need to be given due recognition.Dr. Chandrama Prasad Gupta said that “Acupressure is good friend of life”.


General effects


1. General relaxation,sound sleep,good appetite,increase of body weight & strength.The therapy  increases the body’s natural immunity against diseases.
2. Improvement of cardiovascular function.The therapy lowers arterial diastolic pressure and increases pulse pressure.It may also lower the peripheral registance of arterioles,thus improving the general cardiovascular function.
3. Improvement of microcirculatory function
4. Improvement of cerebral microcirculation.The volume of blood  flowing into the brain increases,thus improving the supply of oxygen and nutrients.
5. The conductive function of the nervous system improves.
6. It decreases the amount of non-adrenalin and dopamin, thus improving blood circulation.
7. For the digestive system,relieves enteric spasm,dyspepsia and drauhoea in children.
8. Excretory system is effective in curing all kinds of enemises.
9. Acupressure is helpful in following clinical conditions:



1. Early osteoanthritis esp. knee joints.
2. Neck pain (Cervical spondylosis).
3. Backache.
4. Frozen shoulder.
5. Tennis Elbow.
6. All points pain.
1. Neuralgias.
2. Sciatica
3. Bell’s Palsy
4. Mignaine.
5. Head ache
6. Habit spasm.
7 Hemaplegia
8 Poliomyelitis
1. Obesity
2. Exclusive Swealing
3. Smoking
4. Alcoholism
5. Nervousness
6. Insomnia
7. Diabetes Mellitus.




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